Zadorozhnaya exchanged Moscow for «Lopushki»

На днях Настя Задорожная завершила съемки в двухсерийном телефильме “Москва – Лопушки”, где исполнила главную роль. Проект снят для канала “Россия”.

ЛопушкиминиNastya has recently finished shooting in a 2-episode film «From Moscow to Lopushki» where she played the leading role. The project is filmed for «Russia» TV Channel.

According to the script Nastya’s character Polina suffered the betrayal of her fiancé and dismissal from a prestigious company. She decides she has to get away from it all and goes to a remote village of Lopushki to see her cousin. A big-city girl, used to comfort and good life, does her best to integrate into her new countryside reality and gets into all sorts of comical and ridiculous situations. As time goes by Polina not only gets used to rural life but also meets a man of her dreams.
The film «From Mosow to Lopushki» is a remarkable, short film full of kindness and humor.

“First of all I liked the genre of the series – it is a light romantic movie. Secondly, I was very lucky with the film crew. Yuri Morozov, the director, is a unique person who gets his shots from the director’s, the actor’s and the operator’s points of view. From now on I’m ready to accept all the film projects with his direction. The time on set flew by despite the fact that we filmed 50 miles away from Moscow and I was living practically in the countryside”, – says Nastya.