Esli Nebo Molchit (“If the Skies Are Silent”)
Role: Svetka Tuzova
Channel One Russia
Dmitriy Gerasimov

TV series based on Dmitriy Gerasimov’s novel.
Maksim lives in Moscow and Margarita – in a small provincial town with a strange name Syroy Yar. He is a programmer and she is a hospital nurse. Long time ago they loved each other but now they are separated and have a common son. Maksim left for Moscow and Margarita had to stay.
At one moment both of them suffer strange, horrible and inexplicable things. Everyone familiar to Maksim dies. The same things happen to Margarita. The hospital is a real nightmare – the patients die in a strange way and she, the nurse, is accused of a deliberate murder.
One of the victims of this nightmare is Nastya’s character Svetka Tuzova with whom Maksim had a love affair after he broke up with Margarita.
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