Nastya started acting at the age of 15 and at that moment she didn’t even suppose that it was going to become her profession. 12 years later she’s a successful theatre and film actress who has a lot of remarkable performances under her belt.

Nastya performed for the 1st time in the popular teen drama series “Prostye Istiny” (“Simple truths”) where she played a schoolgirl Anzhelika Seliverstova. In 1999 the first series of “Simple truths” was released on RTR (nowadays Rossiya TV Channel). Altogether there were 350 episodes of this project released. “Simple truths” became at that moment the longest-running tv series in the history of Russian national television. That fact was recorded in the Russian edition of The Guinness Book of Records. At the age of 16 Nastya shared her time between studying at school, acting in the series and preparation for the entrance examination to the GITIS (The Russian University of Theatre Arts). In June 2002, the day after the graduation party Nastya was accepted to the GITIS course by professor Valentin Teplyakov and renowned theatrical director Pavel Khomsky. While studying there she acted in «Prostye Istiny» and played her first minor roles in movies and TV projects.

Nastya’s first success came with the release of the cult teenage drama series «KLUB» («The Club») on MTV Russia. That’s a modern Cinderella story about a simple girl named Vasilisa who fall in love with a handsome guy Danila – the star and promoter of the best nightclub in town. Since the very first episodes “The Club” series became a major hit and gained the highest ratings through whole MTV Russia history. At the total “The Club” was on air for 4 years and eight consecutive seasons. Nastya’s character Vasilisa became a popular singer in the Club, so the series’ soundtrack was full with music and that helped to launch Nastya’s music career. After the 5th season Nastya left the series but due to the viewers’ demand returned to “The Club” in a totally different role in the 7th Season. Instead of a lovely Cinderella girl Vasilisa, Nastya played Marusya, a funny tomboy from a small town of Saransk – a complete antagonist to Vasilisa.

In Autumn 2006 Ren-TV premiered sitcom “Troe sverkhu” (“Three from Above”) starring Nastya in a leading role. This russian localisation of the successful Amercian comedy series “Three’s a Company” made Nastya a funny and sexual centre of attraction to the viewers. The Russian cast includes renowned comedian Ilya Oleynikov and famed actress Tatiana Vasilijeva.

In 2007 Nastya for the first time participated in international film production. Provocative Belgian drama series “Matrioshki 2” directed by Guy Goossens and Marc Punt was a big success in Holland, Belgium, France and other European countries. “Matrioshki” premierе in Russia caused a scandal – an episode with Nastya’s character dancing striptease was taken by Belgian producers to the opening titles so the Russian viewers considered the wrong way for this dramatic and seious TV series.

After this project was over Nastya drastically changed her image to get away from the stereotypical perception of a sweet blonde. That change was brought by a leading role in the criminal series “Prestuplenye Budet Raskryto” (“The Crime Will Be Solved”) on NTV where she played Glafira Ulianova, a young assistant detective in the Public Prosecutor’s Office. One year later they shot the series’ sequel with the same staff and creative team.

In 2008 the director Marius Wajsberg invites Nastya to play one of the leading roles in a movie called “Lyubov v bolshom gorode” (“Love in the Big City”). This suggestion attracted Nastya by the fact that Marius regarded her not only as a pretty blonde starlet but as an actress with huge comic potential able to play both tragedy and comedy. Along with Nastya “Love in the Big City” cast includes top Russian movie stars Alexey Chadov, Svetlana Khodchenkova as well as Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo, Ukrainian comedian Vladimir Zelenskiy and pop stars Philipp Kirkorov and Vera Brezhneva. The movie was completely filmed in New York and released in march 2009. It became a boxoffice leader both in Russia and Ukraine. A year later a sequel “Love in the Big City 2” was shot. Now in Thailand. With the same cast along with Leonid Yarmolnik, Mikhail Efremov, Pavel Volya, Igor Zhizhikin and Anastasia Stotskaya. As well as the first movie the sequel gained boxoffice success throughout Russia, Ukraine and other former soviet countries. Now the 3rd movie is in production.

In 2010 Nastya started working on the TV series «Narcotraffic» (“Drugtraffic”) for the NTV Channel. She played the role of Zoya Alfiorova, the police agent in the drug enforcement department. Nastya liked this heroine for her strong character and pitiless straight-out personality which was very new and interesting to act. The series contains a lot of action scenes and many of them have been performed by Nastya without stunts.Later Nastya joined the cast of “Format A4” where Nastya played a role absolutely nontypical for her – the divorced woman with two kids. This TV-series premiered in October 2011 on NTV where considered to become a Russian analogue to “Desperate Housewives” but turned out to be more dramatic and serious.

Then Nastya moved to Kiev to act in “Nebesnie rodstvenniki” (“Celestial Relatives”). That’s a comedy mini-series for Inter TV channel in Ukraine and Rossia TV Channel in Russia with Nastya playing a young rock-singer Katya Komolova alongside with Artem Tkachenko, Nikolay Dobrynin, Andrej Urgant, Pavel Derevyanenko and others.At the end of 2010 Nastya performed the leading role in a New Year musical comedy “Morozko” (“Jack the Frost”) – the carnival remake of a soviet classic movie. The allstar lineup included Nikolaj Baskov, Kristina Orbakajte, Verka Serduchka, Philipp Kirkorov and many other Russian movie and pop celebrities. The premiere took place on the 31st of December on the Rossiya TV Channel and was the ratings leader of the New Year night.

In 2011 Nastya comes back to theatre. She is invited to play the role of Cecile, a young heroine of a Leonid Filatov’s tragicomedy based on Shoderlos de Laclos’ novel “Dangerous Liaisons”. This production was shown in many cities across Russia. Oleg Fomin, Viktor Rakov, Tatiana Vedeneeva and Alyona Khmelnitskaya were Nastya’s co-actors.
The premiere of a new play “Zhestokij urok” (“A Cruel Lesson”) took place in 2012. It’s a complicated psychological production that keeps the audience in tention till the very end of the play. “Zhestokiy urok” was presented to public during the Russian national anniversary festival “Amourskaya Osen” (“Amur Autumn”) in the city of Blagoveschensk and received a warm welcome by critics.

In 2012 Nastya joined the cast of “Kavkazskaya plennitsa-2” (“Kidnapping, Caucasian Style-2”) – the remake of one of the most popular soviet movies. She played the leading role of Nina. In the new production Nina is not a young communist anymore but a stewardess, still athletic and pretty. For this role Nastya had to make herself brunette once again. She considers this role as the most difficult and responsible one because on one hand she had to be as close as possible to the original and on the other she needed to add a spice of her own. The sequel cast includes such Russian stars as Gennadiy Khazanov, Mikhail Efremov, Nikolay Dobrynin, Sergey Stepanchenko and others.

Year 2012 ended for Nastya with filming in the «Priceless Love». This 4-episode detective mini series co-starring Nastya and Yuri Kolokolnikov is a directorial debur for Igor Roizman. Nastya’s character is Masha, the bride of a fraudster (Kolokolnikov) who tries to get off the «slippery slope» and become a better man Connecting her life with this man, Masha discovers another side of reality that helps her to see the world as it is.
For Nastya, the beginning of 2013 started with the shooting in the 3rd part of a romantic comedy «Lyubov v Bolshom Gorode» («Love in Big City») directed by Marius Waisberg. During this movie our favorite heroes find themselves in Las Vegas where many adventures and unexpected surprises are waiting for them. To make things even more interesting, legendary actress Sharon Stone joins the cast of the movie.

The end of the summer was full of events for Nastya. She filmed in a detective drama «Zhenschiny na Grani» («Women on the Verge»), where she played the role of a world-champion figure skater. Due to this Nastya had to pick up her skating skills again. Apart from Nastya Zadorozhnaya, other big stars such as Elena Yakovleva, Galina Polskikh, and Anastasia Zavorotnyuk were in the movie.

On September 28 the premiere of the reality-show «Ostrov» («The Island») featured on NTV. In August the Russian show business celebrities went to archipelago Palau in the Pacific in order to shoot this new series. In «Ostrov» (Russian clone of “The Survivor”) they had to survive without any food or water while being documented by cameras. The actress had plenty of missions, difficult and sometimes impossible to carry out. Nastya Zadorozhnaya hasm’t won the main prize but made it to end as a finalist. She lived for more than a month on the island and was one of the last ones to leave.
In October Nastya took part in the shooting of the 2-episode TV movie «Moskva-Lopushki» for «Rossiya» TV Channel. In this film her character is a business-lady who decides to change her life and move to the remote countryside after various misfortunes. She starts her new rustic life getting into many comical situations.

On December 15th in Moscow and on December 18th in Kiev there was a premiere of the film «Lyubov v Bolshom Gorode – 3» («Love in the Big City 3») This premiere was so popular that all the tickets were sold-out. The film’s profit eventually reached 15 million dollars.

LAminiThe year 2014 saw Nastya Zadorozhnaya’s another role on the big screen. In mid-January, the actress went to Los Angeles, where she took part in the second part of the Russian comedy “What Men Do!” directed by Sarik Andreasyan. The scenario tells a story of three super-heroes who are sent to a special task. Each of them should find out what certain women types say during sex. The main male roles are performed by the Comedy Club and KVN heroes Tair Mamedov, Roman Yunusov, and Dmitry Kozhoma, whereas Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Natalia Rudova, Natalia Zemtsova, and Hollywood star Pamela Anderson play the main female roles.

In early March, Rossiya channel hosted the premiere of the eight-part television movie «Love in the Big City», with the same favorite characters. One of the soundtracks for the series was Nastya Zadorozhnaya’s song «Once I Love».

Плохая_соседкаIn fall 2014, Nastia leaves for Kiev, where for several months she has been taking part in two projects simulteneously, in both playing the title roles. In the 4-serial melodrama “We’ll Talk When You Get Back” the female protagonist tries to find her husband disappeared in an air crash, while in the lyrical comedy “Bad neighbor” Zadorozhnaya plays the role of a small-town girl who comes to a big city to conquer it.

On October 5, 2014 the “Rossiya” channel presented the premiere of the film “Moscow – Lopushki”, with Nastya Zadorozhnaya in the lead role.

In February, Nastya Zadorozhnaya and Sergey Slavnov receive the “Pair of the Year” award as one of the strongest and most beautiful pairs of Russian show business at the ceremony annually organized by Oksana Fedorova’s journal Moda Topical.

IMG_8541-1In late March Moscow and two other Russian cities saw the premiere of “The Incredibles”, a new play with Nastya Zadorozhnaya in the title role. A play by Ludmila Vergasova based on works by Jean Cocteau. The supplier is the famous director Mikhail Makeev. Nastya’s partners on the stage were People’s Artist of Russia Era Ziganshina, actress Lydia Velezheva, Ivan and Sergei Kolesnikov.

cIP-JMBgdkcIn late summer, the Paramount Comedy TV-channel invited Nastya Zadorozhnaya to voice the legendary “Friends” TV series. In a special “star” version, the main character Rachel spoke with Nastya Zadorozhnaya ‘s voice.

Papa1In November 2016, the TV-Center channel hosted the premiere of the “You Can Call Me Dad” TV movie, with Nastya Zadorozhnaya and Yuri Stoyanov in the lead roles.

Happiness Under the Contract, a four-part dramatic mini-series was firstly shown on the Russia 1 channel in August 2017.Nastya Zadorozhnaya played a principal part of a surrogate mother. Since October 2017 Nastya Zadorozhnaya has been performing the main female role in a play Pecularities of the National Marriage based on Wolves and Sheep by A. Ostrovsky. Tours are running successfully in Russian cities as well as in neighboring countries.

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