«Priceless Love» of Zadorozhnaya and Kolokolnikov

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Nastya Zadorozhnaya just finished shooting in a movie called «Bestsennaya Lyubov» («Priceless love»). That 4-episode mini series will go on air later this year on Channel One Russia.
Nastya acts the bride of a fraudster (Yuriy Kolokolnikov) who tries to get off the «slippery slope» and become a better man. The heroine, on the contrary, by twisting her life with this man, discovers another side of reality that helps her to see the world as it is.
The film is Igor Rojzman’s directorial debut.

«I call my character a helpless angel. She’s a sincere, kind and naive girl who was brought up overprotected. But it’s exactly dramastic change in her life helps her to become strong courageous and invincible. My co-actor in this film is Yuriy Kolokolnikov and I was happy to work with him. It was also pleasantly surprise to see on the set Valerij Afanasiev, who plays my father in this movie. We had filmed together in «Prostye Istiny» («Simple Truths») 12 years ago. That was my first acting experience», – tells Nastya.


September, 21 2012
In September 2012 Nastya Zadorozhanya participated in the 10th National Festival of Cinema and Theatre “Amur Autumn” («Amurskaya osen») in Blagoveshensk.

April, 23 2013
It’s the 3rd time when Oxana Fedorova’s fashion magazine «Moda Topical» nominates the most stylish celebrities of Russian show business, movie industry, politics and sport.Actress and singer Nastya Zadorozhnaya got the prize in «Posh Celebrity» category.
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