More than a Meet & Greet Session

08 Sep 2012 Back to news

333It’s great to have nice traditions to follow, and Nastya Zadorozhnaya is not an exception. Every year she holds a Meet & Greet session with her fans on her birthday. The fans congratulate Nastya on her special day, give presents, flowers and take lots of pictures. This year Nastya was in Italy for her birthday, however, her Meet & Greet session was meant to take place just a few days later, on the 8th of September.
Her fan-club friends were invited to “Vinograd” restaurant where they were treated to sweets, some watermelon and melon. As usual, Nastya got mountains of presents. On top of that, one of the fans gave her a hand-made toy twin of her favorite pet Bobza, Nastya was flabbergasted!
Several hours of lovely conversations, laughing, joking and singing flew by quickly. As Zadorozhnaya later said:

“It is very important for me to keep in touch with my fan club as I have known some of these people for ages. I know these guys always support me when it comes to voting and things like that. I am very grateful to them for their support and trust, and for this wonderful day, of course.”


21 Apr 2012
On April 21 Nastya Zadorozhnaya unveiled her new song called “Pey zhizhn do dna” (“Live to the Full”).

28 Sep 2012
Nastya Zadorozhnaya has just joined in “ShowMu$tGoOn”, a new large-scale music project that was launched this autumn on Ukranian TV
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