Why Nastya Zadorozhnaya Turned Into a Mulatto?

24 Oct 2012 Back to news

Terner___1Nastya Zadorozhnaya got an African suntan that she’s never had before. She had to agree on such skin experiment not for boasting about her chocolate tone, but for professional purposes only.
As a participant of the Ukrainian “ShowMustGoOn” TV project Nastya had to turn into American iconic singer Tina Turner. Nastya was into everyday rehearsals and vocal exercises to approach as close as possible to the voice of the world-famous celebrity. Not to forget that all songs are to be performed live. Nastya managed the task and made one of the most spectacular acts.

«Tina Turner is an expressive, strong and charming woman who has an unbelievable voice. In order to parody her I had to change my skin color as well as overpass the fear of being lifted up on the swinging platform. I’m happy I could do it and, personally, I regard it as a powerful and catching performance” – comments Nastya.


17 Oct 2012
The “ShowMustGoOn” ratings are growing fast. The producers of the show attracts the audience attention with the brilliant transformation participants have to make in just one week.

30 Oct 2012
Nastya Zadorozhnaya put all her efforts to perform the parody of Dima Bilan (her debut male role) on the popular Ukrainian TV project “ShowMustGoOn”.
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