Nastya’s and Sergei Slavnov’s Italian romance in the new «OK!» Magazine

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 Nastya Zadorozhnaya and Sergei Slavnov have just come back from their short trip to Italy. Surrounded by friends, they celebrated their anniversary there – it’s been 5 years since they have known each other. They met for the very first time at Nastya’s birthday on August 30th of 2008. This time the celebration had to be postponed as Nastya was shooting in the reality show «Ostrov» («The Island») in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In the end of October, Nastya and Sergei travelled to Italy once again and visited some new cities. The couple was accompanied not only by friends but also by «OK!» Magazine. As a result it published a large photo shoot and a genuine and heartwarming interview. Nastya and Sergei recalled the first time they met, revealed some facts about their 5-year relationship and shared their thoughts about marriage and having kids. All this followed by astounding photos from their romantic trip!

“It’s so great that we could pursue a vacation of a lifetime. Firstly, I’m glad that my dream to visit Italy again (cherished since my shooting in «Ostrov») came true. The trip was really eventful and I had a chance to see how Italy, Florence to Rome, differs from one another.
Secondly, the trip is forever with me due to the wonderful shots of the Italian photographer Marco Bertani. Thanks to him, our photo shoot turned into a fascinating excursion around the «Eternal City». Marco showed us some sights in Rome that I probably would never have found by myself. I was deeply impressed by the mandarin gardens and enjoyed the keyhole view of St Paul’s Cathedral. Sergey and me were very glad to have spent the whole day of our short holiday shooting because it was a perfect combination of work and discovering Rome and its diversity. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to show this city to the magazine’s readers.”

The fresh issue of «OK!» Magazine is on sale starting November 14th, 2013. The magazine publishes a few photos by the famous photographer Marco Bertani during the shoot in Rome. For more photos, see our website.


October, 24 2013
На днях Настя Задорожная завершила съемки в двухсерийном телефильме "Москва - Лопушки", где исполнила главную роль. Проект снят для канала "Россия".

December, 18 2013
Вечером 17 декабря в кинотеатре «Октябрь» при полном аншлаге состоялась закрытая премьера комедии «Любовь в большом городе — 3», в которой Настя сыграла одну из главных ролей. Увидеть картину первыми пришли журналисты, российские звезды, а также друзья членов съемочной группы.
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