Klub (“The Club”) Seasons 1-5

Role: Vasilisa
MTV (Russia)
Pavel Bardin, Kirill Kuzin, Sergey Mats

Cult teenage drama series on MTV (Russia).
A modern Cinderella story in R&B style. A TV series that brought Nastya to fame and success. It’s story of a simple girl named Vasilisa (or just Vasya) from the Sviblovo neighborhood. She falls in love with a handsome guy Danila – the star and promoter of the best nightclub in town.
In the following seasons Vasilisa starts her music career and becomes a popular singer. The series turns out to be a story of the entrails of Russian show business and its nitty-gritty.
The songs sang by Vasilisa were performed by Nastya herself and, eventually, built up a base of her debut album.
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