Klub (“The Club”) Seasons 7-8

Role: Marusya
MTV (Russia)
Fedor Torntensen, Pavel Bardin, Vsevolod Aravin, Mikhail Zhernevskiy

The sequel of the iconic TV series on MTV Russia which made Nastya Zadorozhnaya famous. Her character, Marusya, is a far cry from Vasilisa (her original character), be it her hair colour and the way she speaks, or her views on life and job. This red-haired tomboyish girl works as a car mechanic and is crazy about machines, so she does not care about show business. However, Stella, Vasilisa’s former producer, makes a decision to take Marusya under her wing when she bumps into her in Saransk. Stella is convinced that she can take advantage of the striking resemblance between Vasilisa and Marusya, and, eventually, stellify her.
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