Klub Schastya (“The Club of Happiness”)

Role: Inga
“Nikola-Film” Movie Studio
Igor Kalenov

Katya, the heroine of the film, is dreaming of dancing in the musical and comes to Saint-Petersbourg to try her fate. She wants to succeed in life but the cruel world of show business doesn’t want this naive girl. By a happy chance, she finds a bartender job in a popular nightclub. Here she meets new people who will completely change her life. Katya will find a true friend, face a cunning rival as well as put a presumptuous manager on his place. She’ll also meet a charming young man who’s going to try to win her heart no matter what.
Nastya Zadorozhnaya plays the role of a Katya’s rival – the club’s most popular go-go dancer. This is the 1st negative role in Nastya’s career.
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