Lebediny Ray (“The Swan Paradise”)

Role: Sveta
Alexander Mitta

The monotonous life in the small rural town of Ozersk in the Urals region is about to change as out of the blue appears a gorgeous beauty Masha. She comes back from the capital with a good deal of money and is willing to radically change the life of the town. Her old friends, Galya, a modest teacher, and Lida, an independent and decisive lady and a mayor of Ozersk, are going to give her a hand. Not everybody, however, approves of Masha’s enthusiasm, as there are still plenty of people who firmly believe that the town is their own property Nothing will stop them from ruining her plans not even when it concerns the captivating Swan Lake Reserve, famed in a beautiful ancient legend.
Nastya plays a bit part as one of the dancers from the local dancing group where Galya is a teacher.

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