Lyubov v Bolshom Gorode 2 (“Love in the Big City 2”)
Role: Alisa Gromova
Marius Waisberg

The sequel of a popular comedy with the same favorite characters – Artyom and Katya, Alisa and “Sauna”, Nastya and Igor, and that very Saint Valentine.
Igor invites “Sauna”, Artyom and their girlfriends to visit his father’s ranch house in Thailand. They could enjoy and have a rest there, while Igor would finally introduce Nastya as his fiancée to the future father-in-law. In the plane they meet an American family who tell them a legend about a saint place with an ancient monastery that cures from male infertility.
Igor, Artyom and Sauna are of the same mind – they are not ready to become fathers. But in disregard of the monk’s warning, they touch the “idol” and from now on they are doomed to conceive a child during their first copulation. They decide to abstain from sex to keep on the safe side. But once the girls learn the reason of this strange behavior of their beloved, they feel aggrieved and leave Thailand.
The guys decide to have a blast but once again Saint Valentine shows up on their way. He is indignant and doesn’t understand how they could seize the blissful chance they’ve got. He puts another spell on them. The 1st one who gets to bed with a woman will be a father while others will have children only after twelve years.
No one could ever imagine such a curveball! Suddenly the three of them realize that they are able to assume the fathership…

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