Lyubov v Bolshom Gorode 3 (“Love in the Big City 3”)
Role: Alisa Gromova
“Kvartal-95 Studio”, “Leopolis”, Rossiya TV channel
David Dodson and Marius Waisberg

Yeatr 2013 started for Nastya Zadorozhnaya with the shooting in the 3rd part of a popular romantic comedy “Lubov v bolshom gorode”(“Love in the Big City”). This time the events take place in the unique and unforgettable city of Las Vegas.
The trilogy keeps the original cast (Brezhneva-Chadov, Zadorozhnaya-Haapasalo, Zelensky-Khodchenkova and Philipp Kirkorov) with addition of legendary Sharon Stone and russian movie star Ekaterina Klimova.
The first movie dealed with sex, the second – with giving a birth, so the trird movie is about the kids of our couplesand St.Valentine’s own love story.

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