“Lyubov v Bolshom Gorode” (“Love in the Big City”)

Role: Alisa Gromova
Marius Waisberg

The events of this movie take place in one of the most romantic cities in the world, New-York.
Three friends Artyom (Aleksey Chadov), Igor (Vladimir Zelenskiy) and Ole, a «True Russian Finn” whose nickname is “Sauna” (Ville Haapasalo), work abroad and go out to have fun “like adults” when off work. They are into sauna, strip bars and have short love affairs without any obligations. Sex is nothing but a game, and seduced women are regarded as trophies. The number of their triumphal victories is all they talk about at their boys’ night out parties.
But one day their stable and careless life is changed. During another party in a club, a strange man pronounces a toast. In a short while the trio will face an awful change – they can’t have sex anymore.
After all, they find out that man from the party is St.Valentine and he has “put a spell” on them against careless sexual affairs, by having applied his mystical capacities. There’s only one cure to save them – love. And they will have sex again but only with the beloved woman.
The only thing now is to find her…
Nastya plays the role of Alisa, red-haired judoka from the same gym where “Sauna” works. She is the one who he falls in love with.
Released at the beginning of 2009, the film became the box-office leader in Russia.
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