Mama, ne Goryuy (“Mama, Don’t Cry – 2”)
Role: Masha of “Shtuchki” band
STV Cinema
Maxim Pezhemsky

The sequel to gangster comedy “Mama, Don’t Cry”. The first film was released in 1998 and became an instant success. The sequel appeared 8 years later. Unlike the first gangster film, it focuses on political gambling. The story takes place in a seaside town where the mayor is being elected. A criminal kingpin called Tourist and the town’s prosecutor are among the candidates desperately struggling for power. The routine of the town changes dramatically as more and more politicians, mafia, celebrities are coming to town to support their candidates. The local television groups are doing their best to expand on the topic. Everything goes according to the plan until that very Sailor (see “Mama Don’t Cry” 1998) comes back and turns everything upside down…
Nastya played one of the performers from the girls band called “Shtuchki” who came to town in order to support the candidate. The band was later taken hostage.
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