Molody i Schastlivi (“Young and Happy”)

Role: Stasya
Valeriy Zelenskiy

Anna Novobrantseva, a talented and very enterprising young lady from the city of Pskov, makes a decision to move to Moscow. This step was a simply unexpected chance as some fraud artists disguised as popular TV show producers come up with a fake pop star competition where she turns up to be ‘the winner’. They give her a fake address in Moscow, ruining her dream of becoming a professional singer. However, luck is on Anna’s side. In Moscow she meets a businessman discovers her flair for singing, video directing, sound producing and song-writing. But before becoming famous, she meets Inga Verigina, a good-looking intriguer, that takes advantage of Anna’s talent. Anna records a voice over as well as makes music videos for Inga.
In this film Nastya has a bit role of a popular singer. By a funny coincidence her character is called Stasya.

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