Moscow – Lopushki

Role: Polina
Yury Morozov

Polina, Nastya’s character, is a classy gal, who works in a major publishing house. She can’t wait for a proposal from her well-off groom, who evades divorce from his wife. At the same time, Masha, Polina’s cousin and her complete opposite, lives in the remote village of Lopushki (played by Alla Yuganova). In the blink of an eye, the heroines’ life changed: Polina was betrayed by the groom and got the boot; while Masha ran a bad luck in the farming business. Sisters switch places: one moves from the excellent urban conditions to a remote village, and the other goes to a metropolis to build a new life. The film “Moscow – Lopushki” is a story of two women’s fates, the story of how both overcome difficulties and betrayals and find not only love, but also themselves.

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