Role: Zoya Alfiorova
Nataliya Buchneva, Nikolay Borts, Piotr Zabelin, Andrey Balashov, Stanislav Mareev, Pavel Simonov

The film is based on the novel of Sergey Sobolev “Tantsi s Volkami” (“Danses with Wolves”).
Russia faces the increasing number of victims suffering from a new drug. “Wild honey” is the strongest dope ever that can provide a person with a superman power and aggression.
It looks like a simple patch but the very 1st try gives a drug addiction. This secret elaboration of the soviet scientists falls into the hands of the criminals. To fight the drug traffic a special squad is formed.
Zoya Alfiorova, Nastya’s character, makes a part of this anti-drugs team. She’s a real butch who is always straight in dealings and does what she thinks best.

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