Nastia Zadorozhnaya on Valtera Magazine’s Cover

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Фото-09.12.16-17-55-57Actress and singer Nastia Zadorozhnaya graced the cover of the Valtera Magazine’s first winter online edition. In the interview, the artist shared her attitude to criticism, her favorite decorations, new projects and the New Year celebrations, and also took part in an exclusive photo shoot for the magazine.

“In general, I think that the New Year is a very family, home, cozy holiday. I would put on a sweater, jeans, and a hand-made New Year’s accessory instead of jewelry.

This festive night, I personally don’t really like to see girls on heels, in a fur coat, pantyhose, with lips painted in red lipstick. Seriously! New Year’s is not a day to simply look amazing. There are other romantic women’s holidays for that, when you should look unrealistically beautiful for your loved one. In that case, I understand why women spend 8 hours in a beauty salon, and I approve of this.

But in the New Year it’s better to depart from the standards, to be simpler, more inventive, and more playful! With fantasy, you can invent so many interesting things to become both tender, and unexpected, and even sparkling!” Nastya said, answering the question about what it is better to dress for the New Year celebration.

Read the full text of the interview HERE, and the photo session for the publication can be viewed on the site pages.


October, 26 2015
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January, 13 2017
For the actress, it is the third appearance on the pages of this popular male gloss.
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