Nastya Made Herself Brunette Again

15 Nov 2012 Back to news

2__167x250_Despite fact that the singer Natasha Koroleva is a Meritorious Artist of Russia, we shouldn’t forget about her Ukrainian roots. Nastya Zadorozhnaya tried to display all the charm of this Ukrainian nymph on “ShowMustGoOn” project.

«“Natasha has some typical characteristic traits that I tried to show, maybe even exaggerate sometimes, but I do believe she should not be offended. The performance was spectacular and funny and I’m very thankful to the organizers for this amusing story. I even performed on the pole, which happened to be rather difficult as I was covered with bruises after. And of course we could not pass off two loves of her – Tarzan and Igor Nikolayev. I hope the viewers liked the show. It was fun”   – shares Nastya.

Nastya’s performance as in Natasha Koroleva can be watched here.



09 Nov 2012
In the 6th episode of “ShowMustGoOn” Nastya had to perfom as Elka, very specific Russian and Ukrainian singer.

24 Nov 2012
Last weekend the shooting set of “ShowMustGoOn” turned into some 1930s’ Cabaret. Nastya performed as Liza Minnelli, the legend of American cinema of the previous century.
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