Nastya Becomes Britney on ShowMustGoOn

08 Oct 2012 Back to news

2012_10_03_EVERSUMMER_EOS_7D_0425A new large-scale music project called “ShowMustGoOn” was launched by Ukrainian Novyi Kanal (”New Channel”) on the 7th of October 2012. The idea of the show is that the participants turn into world-famous stars, as well as Russian and Ukrainian pop idols. The main rule of the show is that no lip-synching is allowed; all songs mudt be performed live.
The first episode was a serious test for Nastya as she had to perform as Natalia Mogilevskaya, the very popular Ukranian singer. Inspite of the fact that Mogilevskaya is one of the country’s most popular artists, Nastya was not familiar with her works, which caused some difficulties. Moreover, before the start of the show she didn’t even know about Natalia’s existence! You can watch Nastya’s performance with Natalia Mogilevskaya song on the “New Channel” official

After another lot drawing, held at the end of each episode of “ShowMustGoOn”, Nastya was to turn into a way more familiar artist – Britney Spears.

«My cherished dreams came true! I’m Britney! I loved her songs since I was 13 and I’m a real fan of her dancing performances! Not to say more, Britney has always been an example for me in my own career and I’ve always tried to stick to it when it comes to dancing and concert shows. Despite all the recent rumors, she’s always a great artist to me. That’s why Miguel and I wanted to present her in a serious and respectful way.”


28 Sep 2012
Nastya Zadorozhnaya has just joined in “ShowMu$tGoOn”, a new large-scale music project that was launched this autumn on Ukranian TV

17 Oct 2012
The “ShowMustGoOn” ratings are growing fast. The producers of the show attracts the audience attention with the brilliant transformation participants have to make in just one week.
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