Nastya Zadorozhnaya – a TV-host on MTV

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It won’t be long before Nastya Zadorozhnaya can be seen again on MTV. But this time she is invited not as a singer or an actress but to host a new show called “Lyubovnye Igry” (“Love Games”) on MTV.

Без_имени_4“Love Games” is a new daily dating show where participants have to choose their other half but are allowed to see them only in the finals.
“I’m glad that I got an opportunity of mastering a new job. Let the audience judge if I have done it well, but, in any case, it is something very new and exciting for me,” said Nastya in an interview.
The first episode of “Love Games” is to be aired on MTV on the 9th of April


May, 16 2012
The premiere of the play "Zhestokiy Urok («A Cruel Lesson») where Nastya Zadorozhnaya plays one of the leading roles took place yesterday at the Theartical Centre of Vsevolod Meyerhold).
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