Nastya is a star of figure skating!

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Nastya Zadorozhnaya has finished shooting in a detective drama «Zhenschiny na Grani» («Women on the Verge»). The original Argentinian TV series is considered to be one of the most successful projects of Latin American television. It is being adapted for the Russian viewer by the director Marat Kim and will premier on «Russia» TV Channel.

Each episode is comparable to a benefit performance of various Russian movie stars. Elena Korikova, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Elena Yakovleva, Galina Polskikh and other famous actresses, along with Nastya, will play many different women who commit murders in each of these episodes. During the series only one person plays himself, Igor Zvantsov (played by Aleksandr Bukharov). He will investigate each crime by analyzing the criminals’ behaviors based on women psychology tactics.

Nastya plays one of the leading roles, Viktoriya Kushelevskaya. She is a former world-champion figure skater. During her rehearsals for an ice show, she suddenly learns that her husband, who is her manager at the same time, was killed. The spectator will investigate the mysterious murder with the drama’s protagonists. Several years ago Nastya Zadorozhnaya did take part in the «Stars on Ice» TV show which made the film’s plot even more realistic.

Nastya was really inspired by her participation in the series:
“The shooting is a real treat for me. Firstly, it is kind of like my autobiography because thanks to the «Stars on Ice» I did not only learn how to skate but also met Sergey Slavnov who is now a very special person in my life. In the series we swap rolls: now it’s me who is a famous figure skater and my partner is a movie celebrity. Secondly, it is a big honor for me to work with the most famous and talented actors, so I have to do my best! Besides this I also had a chance to film with my fellow actors from «Narkotaffik» («Drugtraffic»), «Kavkazskaya Plennitsa»(«Kidnapping, Caucasian Style») and «Prestuplenie Budet Raskryto» («The Crime Will Be Solved»). The audience bored with my «goodie girls» roles will be very surprised!”


July, 24 2013
Nastya Zadorozhnaya took part in a charity project «Detskie Mechty» («Childhood Dreams»). The results of this unusual photo shoot can be seen at a special open-air exhibition on Tverskoy Boulevard in Moscow. It will be available until August, 15th.

September, 28 2013
On September 28th at 9.45 p.m. NTV premiered «Ostrov» («The Island») - the most extreme show of a new TV season with the participation of Nastya Zadorozhnaya. Together with other celebrities, Nastya went to the Palauan archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. Subjected to inhumane conditions she was fighting for the fifteen-million-rubles prize.
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