Nastya Got in Contact with «XX-Men»

28 May 2013 Back to

Nastya Zadorozhnaya took part in the shooting of a popular parody TV series by Alexander Revva called «XX-Men» on STS TV channel. The series is about the unusual power of the people who seem to be quite ordinary. In each sitcom’s episode some celebrity faces a weird situation and «XX-Men» are always there to solve it. According to the plot, Nastya contacts the experts to find out why a towel swan appears every night in her bedroom. The absurd investigation of the magicians and wizards turns into a real humorous show.
«I adore Revva and his brilliant sense of humor. That’s why I accepted this proposal without thinking twice and even did not read the script. I just laughed my head off while watching the 1st season. The only unexpected thing for me was that my character didn’t have any common scenes with Alex. Nevertheless I had a real fun during the shooting and got very satisfied with it» – says Nastya.

You can watch the episode of «XX-Men» starring Nastya Zadorozhnaya online here


May, 19 2013
Recently Nastya Zadorozhanaya has finished shooting in the 4-episode New Year film called «Vsyo Budet Khorosho» («Everything will be all right») where she played the leading role. The series of the director Vano Burduli was shoot by RWS company and will be aired at the end of 2013.

June, 08 2013
Nastya has finished shooting in the 3rd part of a popular romantic comedy «Lyubov v Bolshom Gorode» («Love in the Big City 3»). The final scenes were filmed at a villa near Moscow. To celebrate the end of the project Nastya and her co-star Vera Brezhneva decided to make a surprise for the actors and the whole production crew.
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