Nastya Zadarozhnaya graced the cover image of Beauty and Health magazine

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WhatsApp-Image-2018-10-03-at-12.26.02Nastya Zadorozhnaya, an actress and singer, graced the cover image of the October issue of Beauty and Health magazine. In her interview, the artist shared some details about her work, personal care and plans for the future.

– Can we say that you are pleased with your body? Has it always been this way?

– One way or another, all the people pass through different stages of self-acceptance. I am convinced that no one can be delighted by their looks since the birth till old age. In general, I like everything about myself, and those internal conflicts related to my appearance that I used to have while being a teenager seem rather funny and ridiculous to me now. Self-acceptance is the major factor of becoming an adult.

A fresh issue with Nastya on its cover is already on sale!


October, 06 2017
Nastya Zadorozhnaya and musician Anton Lavrentyev took part in the shootings for the InStyle’s special star issue, appeared on sale in early October.

October, 24 2018
On October, 20 the opening performance of the play The Night of her Revelations directed by Pyotr Belyshkov took place, with Nastya Zadorozhnaya starring as the female lead.
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