Nastya Zadorozhnaya + AEROFLOT

30 Jun 2014 Back to news

aeroflotWe have a reason for pride:

It is the first time that Russian celebrity appears on the Aeroflot onboard magazine cover, and that is Nastya Zadorozhnaya. Last time a celebrity graced Aeroflot’s cover was three years ago, and it was Naomi Campbell.

“I am grateful to the Aeroflot crew and to Vitaly Gennadievich Saveliev personally for honor and trust. I often fly with this airline and I’m glad to appear on the cover of its board magazine. Today my boyfriend flew to Tokyo and happily reported that he found this magazine on the plane,” Nastya said.

“I would also like to thank photographer Slava Filippov, stylist Vladimir Makarov and make-up artist Sasha Lukash for the amazing photo session.”

Photo-session and an interview with Nastia were published in the July issue of “Aeroflot Style” magazine.


05 Apr 2014
Nastya spent this week in St. Petersburg.

24 Aug 2014
Nastya Zadorozhnaya and Anastasia Kochetkova gave a big joint interview to the "Fashion in the City" magazine, a new issue of which was published in August.
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