Nastya Zadorozhnaya and Andrei Chadov Fall Out at Clip

30 Oct 2015 Back to news

EQ3U8831Recently Nastya Zadorozhnaya starred in a video for the song “Conditional Reflex” in Moscow. Actor Andrey Chadov played the main male role. Video producer Alexey Golubev, known for his collaboration with Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Alsu, and Stas Mikhailov, along with clip director Alexey Figuro decided to shoot a small emotional drama movie.

The video will have only one single frame, lasting three and a half minutes, but promises not to leave any of the viewers indifferent.

The clip tells the story of the couple, whose relationship is bulging at the seams, because of man’s betrayals. A grave argument breaks out between Zadorozhnaya and Chadov, emotions are skyrocketing, and the shot shows a squabble…

“The shooting was excellent; it went quickly and professionally at the same time. The video should be dramatic, emotionally showing two loving people who suffer a conflict. In general, it is real-life”, Andrei Chadov shared.  “At some point Nastya’s heroine must have beaten me. Frankly, she has a great stroke. I felt it”.

Nastya Zadorozhnaya has been experimenting for a long time and has been looking for new musical material. She took a break from her singing career to spend more time acting. However, the new song “Conditional Reflex” touched the actress, and she decided to come back to the music scene. The song written by composer Ksenia Bordo, seemed very relevant to Nastya, and she decided to tell this story in the video:

“A video demonstrates that even strong feelings do not always win, and that love can burn and bring pain. My heroine suffered so much from the betrayal of a person she used to love that she doesn’t realize what she does. She yells, she fights, her emotions are running over the edge,” says Nastya.

Andrei and I have been friends for many years, since our first movie. I’m happy that he was my friend in the shot. We chose a difficult option for filming – we had to shoot everything in one frame, without cuts and special effects. Just two people in the frame and camera. All three minutes. The clip is small in terms of scenery, but I wanted to see an honest video, about feelings. This is a small emotional movie. Andryusha, of course, got much during our fight on the set. But it is an actor’s work, that’s why we must completely immerse ourselves in the process, so sometimes we сan miscalculate the force”.

The video’s release is scheduled for early November


27 Feb 2015
Moscow hosted the annual "The Couple of the Year" award, organized by the Moda Topical magazine.

09 Nov 2015
An exclusive premiere of Nastya Zadorozhnaya's video for the song "Conditional Reflex" (poet – Ksenia Bordo, composer – Ivan Klimenko, musical production – Fyodor Fomin) was held on Sunday, November 8.
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