Nastya Zadorozhnaya and Aleksandr Krivoshapko are Not Just Friends… ?!

29 Dec 2012 Back to news

123 (2)“Nastya Zadorozhanaya and Aleksandr Krivoshapko have a love affair!” Those were the rumors during the shooting period of Ukrainian TV project “ShowMustGoOn”. According to Nastya, they were just on friendly basis with each other and became…co-workers. By the end of the show Aleksandr and Nastya decided to record a duet. Aleksandr Krivoshapko is a famous Ukrainian singer, “X-Factor” finalist, prize-winner and nominee in many national and international vocal contests.

The song for the duet was written by Randi, lead singer of Morandi, very popular European pop band. Nastya Zadorozhnaya herself wrote the lyrics to this song. The fans of Nastya and Aleksandr as well as the audience of “ShowMustGoOn” are excited about the release of this international duet.

“We are very different with Sasha but we started to get along right away. The idea was to record a new duet song but it happened to be not that easy. Sasha is an opera singer with its specific manner while the song required something more artistic and intimate. He was worried a lot as it was too difficult for him to change his vocal skills. So was I. But at the end, we got the right result and created not only a song but a soulful touching dialog between two close people”, – comments Nastya.


05 Dec 2012
Sooner or later all good things come to an end. The large-scale music project that gathered millions of viewers in front of TV screens is about to end.

28 Mar 2013
All the rumors are finally over and the secret is revealed. Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Russian actress and singer and Aleksandr Krivoshapko, Ukrainian singer and TV host, presented the result of their collaboration – a long-expected release of their new track “Ni ty, ni ya” (“Not me, not you”).
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