Nastya Zadorozhnaya on the Cover of the Magazine “Pokhudey!”

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pohudey2017Nastya Zadorozhnaya became a heroic character on the cover of the August issue of the magazine “Pokhudey!” In an interview to the publication, the actress and the singer spoke about the secrets of beauty, Thai boxing trainings and about losing weight before the video clip “I’m the Moon” («Я луна»), which will be premiered at the end of August.

“Yes, I started training Thai boxing since April of last year. I very like it, as I don’t like passive and monotonous fitness, and in Thai boxing you overextend yourselves literally in an hour. Avery serious burning of calories occurs during the trainings. People ask me if I use Thai boxing in my real life. Not, of course. It’s just a harmonious sport for me. It was thanks to Thai boxing that I managed to decently work off excess weight before producing the clip “I’m the Moon” («Я луна») that give me an opportunity to perform all the tricks without a stunt player, which make brain reel for the German producer (he smiles). I used to spend a lot of time for running and stretching, but at some point, it all bored me. I like to alternate. One time, I went to aqua aerobics. By the way, the pool is super-safe fitness, if someone suddenly is looking for something to do”, – the actress said to the interviewer of “Pokhudey!”

The magazine is already available!


March, 23 2017
Zadorozhnaya is pregnant almost throughout the movie and for the first time plays with infants in the frame.

August, 20 2017
The first performance of the television film “Happiness Under the Contract”, in which Nastya Zadorozhnaya played one of the principal parts, was held on the air of the “Russia 1” channel on August 19.
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