Nastya Zadorozhnaya Presents Mini-Comedy “I feel (with body)”

14 Nov 2016 Back to news

Nastya Zadorozhnaya’s clip “I feel (with body)” was released on November 15, with Alex Golubev, the founder of MAG Film Moscow, known for his collaboration with Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Stas Mikhailov, Alsu, Valerie, Eros Ramazotti, etc as its director. The author of the script, in addition to Zadorozhnaya, was well-known Instagram – the blogger Ida Galich, who, together with the actress of the Stanislavsky Theater, Daria Kolpikova, performed the roles of Nastya’s friends. Famous Instagram blogger Ida Galich and actress of the electro-theatre “Stanislavski” Darya Kolpikova co-authored the script starred Nastya’s friend girls.

The clip presents a heroine performed by Nastya Zadorozhnaya, together with her friend girls, look for the dream man, but failing they break bad facing ridiculous and funny situations.

The audience saw not just a music video, but a modern female folk comedy about love through laughter, tears, stupidity, and … Tinder. The artist continued the tradition of shooting clips in a mini-cinema format. The video for “I feel (by the body)” became the longest in the singer’s clip record.

“I want to say a huge thanks to the whole team for the titanic work on the video, track, and the picture! Having passed this uneasy and absolutely inexperienced way, I will go so far as to say: I want as much as possible of such works in my profession!” –Nastya Zadorozhnaya shared after the premiere. – I’m sure many of the sketches from this story will be painfully familiar to the female audience, and also to all who could become a witness. I really hope that you will like the result! Enjoy watching!”

In the near future, the premiere of Nastya Zadorozhnaya will appear on music channels.


13 Oct 2016
Moscow saw Nastya Zadorozhnaya filming a new track, "I Feel (with body)”, with video producer Alexey Golubev, known for his collaboration with Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Alsu, and Stas Mikhailov as its director.

27 Dec 2016
On the New Year’s Eve, on December 25, the rest-pub "Projector" hosted Nastya Zadorozhnaya’s meeting with fans.
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