Nastya Zadorozhnaya Sang Dima Bilan’s Song

30 Oct 2012 Back to news

136Nastya Zadorozhnaya put all her efforts to perform the parody of Dima Bilan (her debut male role) on the popular Ukrainian TV project “ShowMustGoOn”.

The make-up artists had to work hard to make Nastya look like Bilan. Their first attempt failed as she looked like another popular artist, Mikhail Galustyan. Although it’s not a formal resemblance that matters, but the manner to behave and sing as Dima Bilan does. Not to forget the limited rehearsal time and no lip-syncing.

“Every image is complicated in its own way. It was my 1st time to perform a man, so I even put some socks in my trousers and put on men’s underwear. I know Dima personally since we were students but it didn’t help that much as his stage image is something different. I deeply respect his work and I’m happy when he succeeds. He is an unpredictable, super active and charismatic singer whose vocal is unrepeatable. But I tried to imitate it as well as his mimics. I even spoilt some of my make up because of my deep focusing on it. I hope that Dima takes our joke with humor” – says Nastya.

You can see Nastya as a man here.


24 Oct 2012
Nastya Zadorozhnaya got an African suntan that she’s never had before. She had to agree on such skin experiment not for boasting about her chocolate tone, but for professional purposes only.

09 Nov 2012
In the 6th episode of “ShowMustGoOn” Nastya had to perfom as Elka, very specific Russian and Ukrainian singer.
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