Nastya Zadorozhnaya – “The Golden Voice of Russia”

28 Nov 2012 Back to news

Басков1It was not Nastya’s first experience of turning into a man during “ShowMustGoOn”. This time she was Nikolay Baskov, the idol for millions of women all over the country.
A special place in the rehearsals belonged to Vyacheslav Manucharov who is very familiar to Baskov. With his help Nastya could recreate the singer’s peculiarities and copy his behavior on the stage.

“I didn’t expect to present this artist. It is surely a great honor to me as Nikolay Baskov is considered as “The Golden Voice of Russia”. I can’t say I’m familiar with all his songs but the hit ones I know for sure. It was not that easy for a woman to copy his manner of performing. We decided to show Baskov not as the opera singer, but as a popular artist, whose positive energy can get the audience worked up. I’m very interested in Nikolay’s opinion and hope that he’s going to like the result” – says Nastya.

Nastya’s parody on Nikolay Baskov can be watched here


24 Nov 2012
Last weekend the shooting set of “ShowMustGoOn” turned into some 1930s’ Cabaret. Nastya performed as Liza Minnelli, the legend of American cinema of the previous century.

05 Dec 2012
Sooner or later all good things come to an end. The large-scale music project that gathered millions of viewers in front of TV screens is about to end.
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