Nastya Zadorozhnaya’s Photo Sold For a Million

30 May 2014 Back to

_MG_4127Recently Moscow famous celebrity photographer Roman Kadaria presented a personal erotic photo exhibition entitled “Flowers are growing on rocks, too.” The main idea of the exhibition is the fusion of nature and femininity. The eminent photographer had been shooting naked girls in different parts of the world for several years. Many photos are juicy, but such candid pictures impressed girls rather then embarrassed them. Actress and singer Nastya Zadorozhnaya was one of the exhibition’s heroines. A secret admirer of the star turned out to have spared no expense to buy her photo for one million rubles.

– Of course, I was very surprised to be “bought” for one million rubles, Nastya told. -It is pleasant that someone paid folding money, paying a fairly impressive amount. I really liked the photo presented at the exhibition. Roma is a professional in his area. We shot the photo in the Red Rock Canyon, an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. In fact, red rocks in the middle of the desert are incredibly beautiful. But also are they dangerous. I stood at the edge of a few-tens-yard cliff, and Roma was on another rock.

Nastya Zadorozhnaya’s photo sold for a million at the exhibition was made by Roman Kadaria in the Nevada desert during the filming of the comedy’s “Love in the City” third part last year, where the actress met the star photographer.

– Our meeting with Roma happened by chance. Our Moscow friends came from Los Angeles to visit us on the set in Vegas, with Roman among them, Nastya shared. – We were sitting in a big group and Roma offered me a photo session, but not in the usual format, that is, I had to take a little exposure. But I did not see any vulgarity in it, and agreed. This is by no means the most naked of the photos Cadaria took on that day, but the really most sensitive ones me and the photographer decided to reserve for now.


May, 02 2014
The "Rossiya 1" channel launches the premiere show of the"20 years without love" series. This is a 16-episode story of several generations simultaneously, with Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Andrei Chadov, Maria Shukshina, Vladimir Simonov and other famous actors starring.

June, 10 2014
On June 13, a new issue of the magazine MK-Bulvar is released for sale, and two actors of our agency Andrei Chadov and Nastya Zadorozhnaya gracee its cover.
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