Oy, Moroz, Moroz! (“Oh, Frost, Frost”)!

Role: Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden)
New Year's comedy drama
Nikolay Shcherbakov

Sometimes to make one’s destiny better it’s good to play the role of another person. The life of the main character of this adult fairy tale has really hit a dead-end. He is a former officer of the special forces who serves his sentence on a false charge. Every New Year’s eve he’s trying to escape from the prison to revenge…
But the faith can’t be predicted and this time everything will turn up unexpectedly. The role of the Father Frost, that by a sudden chance will be given to a hero will let him look at himself from the outside. It will teach him how to bring joy to others and let him win back good luck and happiness in his own life.
The Snow Maiden is Nastya’s first main role. Her heroine has a side job, working as a Snow Maiden during the New Year’s holidays. Her things look black until she meets her Father Frost.
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