Pecularities of the National Marriage

  • Role: Glafira
  • Director: Pyotr Belyshkov
  • Theatre: Contemporary Non-Repertory Theatre

Performance after a play by A. N. Ostrovsky Woolves and Sheep

Russia has always been rich in talents and resources… as well as fraudsters. The situations where power, big money and people are involved were acute at the times of Ostrovsky, and so are they today.

A powerful schemer Murzavetskaya is fascinated by the idea of adding a splendid neighboring mansion to her estate, planning an illegal takeover, as we could have called it now. This mansion belongs to a widow Kupavina, wealthy and naïve, representing contemporary oligarchs’ wives. Glafira, played by Nastya Zadorozhnaya, acts like a secret weapon of Murzavetskaya in this fight. She is a poor yet cunning girl. Still, Glafira, paying no attention to her aunt’s indications, takes her fate in her own hands, trying to arrange a marriage of convenience with a rich landlord Linyaev, a prototype of today’s oligarchs. Chugunov, a dishonest official who manages the property of Kupavina, as well gets involved in this dark scheme. But very soon the plan of Murzavetskaya gets out of control…

The issues raised by Ostrovsky in his masterpiece are topical till nowadays.

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