«Narcotraffic» Premiere on NTV

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24-episode criminal drama «Narkotraffiс» («Drug Traffic») with Nastya Zadorozhnaya as the main character starts on NTV Channel. The actress plays a role of Zoya Alferova, a fearless and self-confident agent in a drug enforcement department.
According to the plot, a new drug called “Wild Honey” appears in Europe. It can provide anyone who takes it with superpower and cause aggression. This powerful dope falls into the hands of the criminals and it’s Zoya and her team’s mission to stop them.
The 24-episode «Narkotraffic» is full with action scenes and many of them have been performed by Nastya without stunts. For almost a year of the shooting, Nastya had to move to St.Petersbourg, where the production of this series took place.
“I love this city, that’s why I was excited to move there for some time. Besides Zoya’s role seemed very interesting to me because I’ve never played this kind of characters before. I have to say that it was a great luck to have such a cool production crew. We became friends right away and it was a great pleasure for me to work in such a free and easy atmosphere” – shares Nastya.

You can find out more about «Narkotraffic» in Nastya’s Filmography


June, 30 2012
Yesterday Nastya started working on the role of the main character in the remake of Leonid Gaidai's legendary soviet comedy "Kavkazskaya Plennitsa" ("Kidnapping, Caucasian Style").

September, 21 2012
In September 2012 Nastya Zadorozhanya participated in the 10th National Festival of Cinema and Theatre “Amur Autumn” («Amurskaya osen») in Blagoveshensk.
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