«A Cruel Lesson» Premiere

16 May 2012 Back to

4The premiere of the play “Zhestokiy Urok («A Cruel Lesson») where Nastya Zadorozhnaya plays one of the leading roles took place yesterday at the Theartical Centre of Vsevolod Meyerhold).

It’s a serious and psycologically powerful performance that keeps both, the audience and the actors, in the emotional tention till the very end of the play. A famous actor and director Mikhail Gorevoy touched upon an actual subject – how cruel a man can get to reach his goal.

0c758c944f0062609b2677e28107bc5e_XL“This play is completely different from all I’ve ever done before. There’s no fun in it. Our director was right to say : I’m fed up with comedies! In «A Cruel Lesson» there’s not a single reason to laugh but there are lots of them to start thinking about what is going on around us and what is hapenning to us. I fell in love with the script right away and I’m very thankful to the director and the producer for having given this role to me» – told Nastya before the premiere.


March, 25 2012
It won’t be long before Nastya Zadorozhnaya can be seen again on MTV. But this time she is invited not as a singer or an actress but to host a new show called “Lyubovnye Igry” (“Love Games”) on MTV.

June, 30 2012
Yesterday Nastya started working on the role of the main character in the remake of Leonid Gaidai's legendary soviet comedy "Kavkazskaya Plennitsa" ("Kidnapping, Caucasian Style").
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