Premiere: “Conditional Reflex”, Andrei Chadov in the Lead Role

09 Nov 2015 Back to news

An exclusive premiere of Nastya Zadorozhnaya’s video for the song “Conditional Reflex” (poet – Ksenia Bordo, composer – Ivan Klimenko, musical production – Fyodor Fomin) was held on Sunday, November 8. The actress had been experimenting for a long time and had been looking for new musical material, but the new song “Conditional Reflex” touched the singer so that she decided to release it as a new single.

A video demonstrates that even strong feelings do not always win, and that love can burn and bring pain. My heroine suffered so much from the betrayal of a person she used to love that she doesn’t realize what she does. She yells, she fights, her emotions are running over the edge, – says Nastya. – We filmed everything in one frame, without cuts and special effects. The clip is small in terms of scenery, but I wanted to see an honest video, about feelings. This is a small drama movie.

Andrey Chadov starred in a male role.

“Nastya is my friend, I know her for a very long time, and the script is cool, so I didn’t hesitate to star in it,” says Andrei Chadov. – It is a real-life story. The clip was very distinctive, emotional, and dramatic.

A large team of professionals worked to create the video. Alexei Golubev known for his collaboration with Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina, Alsu, and Stas Mikhailov, became producer of the video, whereas Alexei Figurov directed the film. The creative group set a task to film a one-frame small emotional drama, lasting three and a half minutes.


30 Oct 2015
Recently Nastya Zadorozhnaya starred in a video for the song "Conditional Reflex" in Moscow. Actor Andrey Chadov played the main male role.

10 Nov 2015
Recently Nastya Zadorozhnaya presented a video for the song "Conditional Reflex", and today is its premiere on iTunes.
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