Premiere of “We’ll Talk When You Get Back”

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Фото 04.01.14, 20 26 49At 12.25 on Sunday, April 5, the “Rossiya 1″ TV channel launches a four-episode melodrama ” We’ll Talk When You Get Back ” with Nastya Zadorozhnaya in the title role.

TV movie director Alina Chebotareva shot an interesting, confusing and dramatic story about two women Anna and Nadezhda sharing a common grief – their husbands, inter alia full namesake – Ivan Tikhonov, died in a plane crash. Once at the site of the tragedy, they learn that one of the men at the last moment did not get on the plane. Who was it – Anya’s or Nadia’s husband? Why did he refuse from the flight? Who of them will suffer the grief, and who will enjoy meeting a loved one? Girls start their own investigation, in which there are more questions than answers…

“We shot the picture last autumn in Kiev. This is a difficult story of two strange women, who were united with a tragedy, and then the betrayal of their close people. The plot is dramatic and interesting. Do not miss the premiere,” – shared Nastya Zadorozhnaya.

The picture also involved Peter Krasilov, Natalia Lukeyicheva, Mikhail Khimichev, and Elena Drobysheva.


March, 08 2015
At 18.00 on Sunday, March 15, the channel "Rossiya" will release the lyrical comedy "Bad neighbor" with Nastya Zadorozhnaya in the lead role.

April, 10 2015
March 31 saw the premiere of the new play "The Incredibles" with Nastya Zadorozhnaya starring. Ludmila Vergasova's play is based on Jean Cocteau’s pieces. Famous director Mikhail Makeev became its producer.
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