Premiere: “The Queen of Beauty” Series with Nastya Zadorozhnaya

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244x323_0xd42ee430_8197028101445861000On Monday, October 26, the “Rossiya 1” channel will show “The Queen of Beauty”, a 12-episode telefilm premiere directed by Karen Hovhannisyan (“Gift with a character”, “Moms”, “Five Brides”), that narrates the life of the first Soviet mannequins of the 1960s. The film featured Nastya Zadorozhnaya co-starring with actor Pavel Priluchny. Zadorozhnaya’s heroine is Marianna Nechaeva, a rising star of the 1960s praised by cinema. She works a lot and is successful on the screen, her life is looking up, and she has a wonderful boyfriend. The character builds forward-looking plans, but at some point everything is cracked down…

In the series “The Queen of Beauty” Nastya Zadorozhnaya is unrecognizable – elegant hats, furs, leopard coats and rare ornaments. Images and scenery are all from the 1960s. Costume designers tried to bring the TV film characters closer to the past era realities.

 “The first shock arose when I came to the costumes fitting, because it is my first experience in a historical picture, especially of the 1960s. You had to get used to your image, you start to walk differently, straighten up the back. Eventually, I loved those changes, hairstyles, dresses, costumes, details,” – Nastya admits.

The making of the series took place in different cities and countries, i.e. partly in Moscow, partly in Minsk.

“The team was incredible, few can boast of that. We had excellent make-up artists, costume makers, cameraman, and director. I’m very grateful to Karen, who was among first to entrust me to play another age. He added a positive and efficient aura. He was a magician who always finds a way-out, a 100% leader of his set. As the making lasted for 62 days, Karen did something impossible. He is a magician in his job – that’s a fact. It was a great pleasure for me to work with him. I hope it’s not the last time,” – Nastya told.


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