Prestuplenye Budet Raskryto 2 (“The Crime Will Be Solved 2”)

Role: Glafira Ulyanova
Stanislav Libin, Ivan Shchegolev

The sequel to the popular TV series.
Olga Glukhareva is a major case chief investigator. She’s a charming and intelligent professional who has several experienced officers under her command. Mikhail Gnezdikovskiy, Yuriy Ryss and a young student assistant Glafira are her team, jokingly called a “wood-grouse nest”. They have never known a defeat and each new day they start with a slogan “The crime will be solved!”
And it doesn’t matter whether it’s about finding a missing girl, neutralizing a killer, revealing the fraud of a dirty cop, catching a sexual maniac or exposing a criminal organization, the team always finds the way out. Their can-do approach is efficient even if the case seems to be desperate.
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