Prostye Istiny (“The Simple Truths”)

Role: Angelika Seliverstova
RTR TV channel
Yuriy Belenkiy, Vadim Shmelev

Russia’s first teenage TV series that was aired on the 6th of September 1999. On the whole, there were 350 episodes produced, a record number for Russian TV at that time. The storylines in the series are known to every single teenager. All the problems that are being solved such as unrequited love, conflicts between schoolmates, teachers and parents, skipping classes, secrets of cheating to make an F grade disappear, have always been topical for everyone.
At the time “Prostye Istiny” became the longest-running TV series in history of Russian television. The fact was recorded in the Russian edition of The Guinness Book of Records.
Nastya’s character, a school beauty Angelika Seliverstova, is dreaming of becoming a professional model. After the series became susscessful a teenage band called “Prostye” («The Simple») was formed. Besides Nastya, the band consisted of other actors from the series as well as Nastya’s team-mates from “Neposedi”. The band performed the theme song from “Prostye Istiny”.
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