Nastya Zadorozhnaya is a Russian pop singer. Since her debut, she has been nominated for a wide range of awards, including those of national radio stations and various music channels. She released two studio albums as well as a dozen of impressive music videos which have reached the top of music charts.

Nastya Zadorozhnaya was born on the 30th of August 1985 in a small town in the Vologda region in a family of the military. When she was still a child her family moved to Moscow. It was there where Nastya started attending a music school at the age of four. Six years later she was part of “Neposedy” (a well known Russian kids music band). Nastya recalls going backstage at one of the New Year’s celebrations just to get called in for the auditions to the band.

After a successful trial period Nastya became a full-time member of the band, which at that time was composed of Sergey Lazarev, Vlad Topalov, Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, all of them now are famous singers in Russia and even abroad. Together they toured the country, performed on stage and learned how to work with and for the audience. Later Nastya admitted that it was there where she grew into a professional performer.At the same time Nastya joined the cast of the popular teenage series “Prostye Istiny” (“Simple Truths”). RTR channel aired the first episode of the series in 1999.

12mSoon afterwards “Simple Truths” could be both seen and heard as RTR producers decided to unite teen singers from “Neposedy” and teen actors from “Simple Truths” in a band called “Prostye” (“The Simple Ones”). Nastya became the member of the band. “Prostye” recorded the theme song for “Simple Truths”, and in 2000 their song “Idi” (“Go”) was aired during a popular variety show “Goluboy Ogonyok” (New Year’s Little Blue Light) – one of the most popular shows on National Television.

13m2001 marked Nastya’s debut appearance in a music video as she featured in “Zachem Toptat Moyu Lyubov”(“Why You Trample On My Love”) by a Russian rock band “Smyslovye Gallyutsinacii”. This romantic video with young Nastya and the band’s lead singer Sergey “Booba” Bobunets reached No.1 in all the music charts.It is symbolic that five years later Nastya included her cover version of that song in her debut solo album featuring “Booba” on guest vocals.

14mBut it was a TV series “Klub” (“The Club”) that made her a teenage star. This series were first aired on MTV Russia in the spring of 2006 MTV’s ratings peaked just after the first season of “Klub”. The soundtrack of the series included a great number of both pop and R&B songs and music videos, where Nastya featured as a singer and actress as well. Nastya’s destiny can be compared to her character of (Vasilisa) in a way that they both followed the same “from rags to riches” path in their lives. The song “Budu” from this TV series (“I’ll be”) has become Nastya’s signature song.

15mIn December 2007 Studio Monolit record company released Nastya Zadorozhnaya’s debut album “Do 17 I Starshe…” (“Up to 17 and Older”). The CD cover looked like a girl’s diary with every note done in Nastya’s handwriting. The album was quite well received earning the status of “gold record” after selling over 70 000 copies.

16m The CD consisted of 13 tracks, including the song “I’ll be” which received the most prestigious Russian musical award, the Golden Gramophone from Russian Radio. Later Nastya performed at MTV Russian Music Awards ceremony with her stunning dance performance after which she started been compared with Britney Spears. The song “I’ll be” brought her “Debut of the Year” nomination at RMA as well Golden Ringtone award after becoming the top selling ringtone in 2007.

17m“Lyubov/Nelyubov” (“Love or not”) is another successful track from the debut album. The music video was filmed at the Maldives by Vlad Opelyants, a famous director and cameraman. A year later, thanks to this music video, Nastya was nominated for two MTV Russian Music Awards, “Best Female Singer of the Year” and “Hot” award for the hottest video.

18mIn 2008 Zadorozhnaya’s extremely successful live performance supporting “Up to 17 and Older” was released on DVD as a full-length concert video under the name “Zazhigai” (“Let’s Start the Fire”). Later that year Nastya Zadorozhnaya debut album received “The Record” Award in “Debut of the Year” nomination for the best selling debut album of the year.

19m2009 saw the release of Nastya’s second album “12 Istoriy” (“Twelve Stories”). The record included R&B collaborations with several young musicians, such as Dino MC47, Zvonkij; rap-duet with iconic hip-hop star Ligalise; as well as pop-duet with distinguished performer Batyrkhan Shukenov of A-studio. Nastya recorded one of her songs together with rock band “Deep Sky”, formed by her friends from GITIS (The Russian University of Theatre Arts). On the whole, her second album had no specific concept but demonstrated different aspects of Nastya’s personality. “12 Stories” became the best pop album of the year according to Russian Top vote.

20mIn June 2009 Nastya premiered her song “Tantsuet Rossiya” (“Russia is dancing”) at one of Moscow clubs as a result of Nastya’s collaboration with DJ Antonio from St. Petersburg and Edwin Marton, a famous Hungarian violinist who featured in Dima Bilan’s winning performance at Eurovision. The sound of Stradivarius violin made this dance track sound very peculiar, thus it was not long before it found its audience and was aired by many radio stations throughout the country.

21mThe beginning of 2010 saw the premere of “Love in the big city-2” movie with Nastya in the leading role. Its soundtrack included two of Nastya’s songs – the first one was her solo song “Begi (V Bolshom Gorode)” (“Run (In the Big City)”). The other one called “Leto Vsegda!” (“Always Summer!”) were recorded together with the famous pop band “Diskoteka Avariya” and her co-starring actresses Vera Brezhneva and Svetlana Khodchenkova.

Nastya’s next song was called “Tvoya Moya Lyubov” (“Your Love My Love”). It was produced by Elena Kiper, the author of famous hits for T.A.T.U. Elena and Nastya have known each other for a long time, that is why they decided to start cooperation which eventually led to the release of “Your Love My Love”. This track marked the start of a new, more “grown-up” period in Nastya’s musical career. The song was first performed at MTV Open Air 2010 at the Red Square.

22mAnother song was recorded for the soundtrack of “Klub Schastya” (“The Club of Happiness”) movie. The song called “S Nochi Do Utra” (“From Dusk Till Down”) was performed together with “M16”, a young pop band from St. Petersburg. This track was nominated for “The Soundtrack of the Year” by RU.TV in 2011.

23mLater this year Nastya puts her musical career on hold to focus on her career as a film actress. However, in April 2012 she releases the new song called “Pejy Zhizhn Do Dna” (“Life to the Full”). The song was a far cry from the previous songs, and being a very lively and energetic track, it was immediately aired on popular radio stations.

miniLast autumn Nastya took part in a new large-scale music project called “ShowMustGoOn” launched by Ukrainian ”New Channel”. The idea of this weekly show is that performers must disguise themselves as world-famous stars, as well as stars of Russian and Ukrainian pop culture. Nastya has impersonated such artists like Britney Spears, Liza Minelli, Tina Turner, as well as russian pop stars Dima Bilan, Nikolay Baskov & Zemfira. The main rule of the show is that no lip-synching is allowed; all songs have to be performed in live. The show quickly became No.1 all across the Ukraine.

Кривошапко1The success of the show brought her another collaboration with Alexander Krivoshapko, ukranian teen idol, winner of X-Factor and fellow participant of “ShowMustGoOn”. The song called “Ni Ty, Ni Ya” (Not you, Not Me) was released in april 2012. It was written by famous European pop-star Randi (Morandi), well known all across the world for the hits like “Angels” and “Save Me”.

Остров_миниIn the beginning of August Nastya Zadorozhnaya accepted the NTV Channel’s offer to participate in the shooting of the reality-show «Ostrov» («The Island»). For more than one month movie and music celebrities camped out on the archipelago Palau in the Pacific. They’ve been through many hard challenges, everyday trying to get food and taking part in severe competitions. Zadorozhnaya was one of the last ones to leave the show and gained respect among the fans and her men-rivals who made it into the final.

LinC_3_out_main_Char3_71x101_V_ZIn March 2014, “Rossiya” channel hosted the premiere of the eight-episode TV-movie “Love in the Big City”. The audience saw new plot twists, jokes and comical situations that the main characters face. The soundtrack of the TV movie “Love in the Big City” was a song by Nastya Zadorozhnaya, “Once I Love”, which Nastya recorded soon after having starred in the film. The track was written by young Ukrainian composers Yevgeny Bardachenko and Andrei Belyaev.

IMG_4387At the end of 2014, Nastya Zadorozhnaya released a new song “Men (love blah blah blah)”, which became the soundtrack to the comedy “What Men Do-2”, with a lead actress in the film. A few days before the New Year, the video clip of the same song premiered on music channels. Araik Oganesyan directed the video clip, which starred comedian Dmitry Kozhoma, Nastya’s partner in the film “What Men Do 2”. It should be noted that the authors of the track “Men (love blah blah blah)” are the same talented people who wrote Nastya’s song “Once I love”.

Обложка-финал1-300x300In fall 2015, Nastya Zadorozhnaya released the song “Conditional Reflex” (words – Ksenia Bordo, music – Ivan Klimenko, music production – Fyodor Fomin), followed by the video clip, with actor Andrei Chadov starring. The creative team, led by video producer Alexei Golubev and director Alexei Figurov filmed a small one-frame emotionally dramatic movie, lasting three and a half minutes, rather than just a music video.

On May 28, 2016 Nastya Zadorozhnaya received an award for the clip “Conditional Reflex” in the category “Best Clip Actor” at the 6th Russian music awards of the television channel RU.TV.

XIvuGnkQ30gOn June 12, which is Russia Day, Nastya Zadorozhnaya performed a new dance track “I feel (with body)” in the Red Square, as part of the concert “Stars of Russian Radio” (words – Arseniy Ardelyanu, composer Tamerlan Sadvakasov, sound producer – Roman Bestseller).

1-1-инстаIn mid-November Nastya Zadorozhnaya released a video clip for her song “I feel (with body)”. It was directed by Alexey Golubev, with famous Instagram-blogger Ida Galich and actress Daria Kolpikova starring. The audience saw not just a music video, but a modern female folk comedy about love through laughter, tears, stupidity, and … Tinder. The artist continued the tradition of shooting clips in a mini-cinema format. The video for “I feel (by the body)” became the longest clip that the singer had ever released.

Elf_1080x1080_final_optimizedNastya Zadorozhnaya made her first appearance on the stage of the Heat Music Festival in Baku in July 2017, where she presents a new song “I’m the Moon” («Я луна»). More than ten thousand spectators became witnesses of the premiere. The singer presented the most ambitious work in her career – a musical fantasy video for the track “I’m the Moon” – at Yota Arena, on her birthday, on August 30, 2017. The video was produced by Noise, a German director, in Portugal. Zadorozhnaya appeared in an image of a fairy elf in the new video, and the principal male part was performed by the actor Gela Meskhi. During a day, the music video was watched by over 1.5 million people, and the song “I’m the Moon” wassettled in the iTunes top charts.

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