The Incredibles


The play is about a girl named Madeleine (Nastya Zadorozhnaya) who drives the male half of a French bourgeois family crazy in turn. Fanatic mother Yvonne (People’s Artist of Russia Era Ziganshina) learns that her son has not slept at home for the first time. She is in a terrible panic, while her sister Leo (Honored Artist of Russia Lydia Velezheva) by all means tries to calm down the mother. But she turns furious when her son’s girl appears, as her boy belongs only to her. The situation is further aggravated by the fact that both her son Michel (Ivan Kolesnikov) and his father Georges (Honored Artist of Russia Sergey Kolesnikov) fell in love with the same girl. Madeleine drove everyone crazy, but the intrigue is getting increasingly confusing…

Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Era Ziganshina, Lidiya Velezheva, Ivan and Sergey Kolesnikov.

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