Tandans: A new song release by Nastya Zadorozhnaya!

28 Sep 2018 Back to news

zadorozhnaya-TanDantsy-cover-e1538125973425Nastya Zadorozhnaya presented a dance single Tandans, included in her future album. Arthur Baido is the author and composer of the track, who wrote such golden hits for Nastya Zadorozhnaya as I will be, I no longer want to believe, Nothing is stronger than love, to name but a few.

— Athur became the most important song writer in my music career, most of the songs performed by me were written, created, arranged by him, for what I will stay forever grateful, told Nastya. The song Tandans took me 10 years ago. I thoroughly prepared myself for recording, feeling nervous just as before recording the famous song I will be.

According to the artist, the song Tandans became a sort of “energetic drink” in the recent months:

— This song is on repeat in my head, making me want to dance sitting, standing, even lying! Once the song is over, the phrase immediately comes up in my mind: “And now the dances start!”. I had a wish to spread this energetic and dancing virus everywhere.

The song Tandans motivated the singer to get back to the world of dancing, and dance as if no one were watching.

The new single release took place in July at Zhara festival in Baku, where Nastya Zadarozhnaya presented her new music works for the second consecutive year.

— Shortly before the performance I had a serious leg injury, which caused difficulties while dancing, said Nastya. The performance was planned as a vivid show, including animation by the pool, following the spirit of Baywatch movie, being full of humor. There was no need for humor though, while during the performance everyone (or almost everyone) fall down (laughing).

The track can be downloaded on Apple Music.

While Tandans video clip release is scheduled on Monday, October 1, you can watch the lyrics video on Nastya’s official YouTube channel.


28 Jul 2018
Several thousands of spectators had a chance to see the single presentation as well as the special performance inspired by Baywatch movie.

01 Oct 2018
Nastya Zadorozhnaya presents a release of a new dance video Tandans, directed by Igor Rudnik, a famous dancer, stage director and choreographer of the show Dances running on TNT channel, the author of all Nastya’s dance performances along her musical career path.
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