Tandans by Nastya Zadorozhnaya: New video clip release

01 Oct 2018 Back to news

bez-nadpisi-e1538336001365Nastya Zadorozhnaya presents a release of a new dance video Tandans, directed by Igor Rudnik, a famous dancer, stage director and choreographer of the show Dances running on TNT channel, the author of all Nastya’s dance performances along her musical career path.

—  Nowadays Igor is one of the top stage directors in Russia, but the main point is that Igor has always motivated me to experiment, try something new, sometimes crazy, making me believe in myself and what I am doing, tells Nastya. When I was up to something daring, I dialed him immediately! And he agreed to step in, performing his duties as a stage director this time – and doing his best yet again.

According to the artist, the goal for the team was to shoot a non-video clip. Recently, most music videos of the singer were created in different film genres: a drama Conditioned Reflex, mini-comedy I feel (with my body) and fantasy I am the Moon. Now it was time to break away!

— I wanted to get out of control, dancing recklessly, no learned moves, just feeling confident and sexy, all eyes on me, being admired by the people who like it, says the singer. Besides, where else could I set myself free and dance the way I wanted if not at my own filming set? Letting yourself be free at work in such a context is a very unusual feeling. The clip resulted to be on the point, vivid, dynamic, with the video following the rhythm of the song. I am 100% happy!


28 Sep 2018
While Tandans video clip release is scheduled on Monday, October 1, you can watch the lyrics video on Nastya’s official YouTube channel.

15 Feb 2019
After the success of a dance track Tandans, a singer and actress goes on creating “music antidepressants”, and the lyric dance single Miles is a clear proof of that.
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