“Troe Sverkhu” (“The Three from Above”)

Role: Sveta Sinitsyna
Aleksandr Anurov

This sitcom is a Russian localisation of the successful American comedy series “Three’s a Company”. This is a story about the everyday life in a rental apartment. Sveta and Tanya are two nice girls who are renting a flat #7 on the 1st floor of a tower-block in Moscow. They need to find a third tenant in order to share all the utilities expenses. Suddenly they stumble upon a handsome guy Kostya who is a good cook too as he’s taking classes in cookery.
The only obstacle on the way to a happy union is the owner of the flat Semen Kuzmitch and his wife Inna Pavlovna, both pensioners who live on the ground floor. To put it mildly, their approach to life is out-of-date and the moral teaching seems more to be a bigotry. That’s why the girls have to use a trick and make believe the owners that Kostya is a gay.
Sveta, Nastya’s heroine is a secretary in the office and everyone around her thinks she is a typical blonde. She is naïve and doesn’t have a slight idea of an effect she produces on men. Unlike most of the young girls coming to Moscow in search of material welfare Sveta isn’t selfish. She’s looking for true love, romanticism and happiness…
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