«Everything Will Be All Right» with Nastya

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Recently Nastya Zadorozhanaya has finished shooting in the 4-episode New Year film called «Vsyo Budet Khorosho» («Everything will be all right») where she played the leading role. The series of the director Vano Burduli was shoot by RWS company and will be aired at the end of 2013.
Liza (Nastya Zadorozhnaya), a landscape designer, dates Artyom for more than one year. The day of their wedding is already set and the heroine believes that it’s the true love between them. Eleven hours before the New Year’s eve Liza goes out to do some shopping and meets a gipsy fortune-teller. The woman says that Liza’s life is going to change – her fiancé will have an affair with another woman, she will buy a dog and even loose her memory for some time. And nevertheless everything will be all right! Lisa doesn’t take it for serious, because she is not fond of dogs and Artyom is entirely faithful to her.
But New Year’s eve still affects Liza’s happiness as well as the life of Igor – another main character (Alexander Ratnikov). An architect, he has a very romantic and straightforward character. Igor hasn’t met the love of his life yet, but is ready to get married to his girlfriend Vera. By the twist of the fate Lisa and Igor will spend the New Year together. Liza suffers from the betrayal of her fiancé and Igor is down in the dumps because of the quarrel with his beloved…

 «The shooting took place in the countryside in the big beautiful house next to the lake. The clean fresh air made me dizzy every time I came to the set. In spite of the fact that it was spring outside, all the filming had a new-year’s atmosphere. I want to thank all the production crew and my partner Alexander Ratnikov for the work we’ve done. «Everything will be all right» is a kind romantic New Year film that can be watched by the whole family during the festive dinner» – commented Nastya after the shooting was over.


April, 23 2013
It’s the 3rd time when Oxana Fedorova’s fashion magazine «Moda Topical» nominates the most stylish celebrities of Russian show business, movie industry, politics and sport.Actress and singer Nastya Zadorozhnaya got the prize in «Posh Celebrity» category.

May, 28 2013
Nastya Zadorozhnaya took part in the shooting of a popular parody TV series by Alexander Revva called «XX-Men» on STS TV channel. The series is about the unusual power of the people who seem to be quite ordinary.
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