Nastya Performs as Elka on “ShowMustGoOn”

09 Nov 2012 Back to news

Ёлка1In the 6th episode of “ShowMustGoOn” Nastya had to perfom as Elka, very specific Russian and Ukrainian singer.

I remember that many years ago we had vocal training together with Elka and she even gave me some lessons. I had to work hard this time because of her very peculiar voice with specific vibrations and some other particularities. I’ve noticed that during the concerts it’s very important for her to have some private space and the other dancers and musicians keep some distance with her. We are two different characters but it’s exactly what makes the whole project interesting. I’m so deep into my work that I can’t even imagine how much I’m gonna miss it after the show ends” – shares Nastya.


30 Oct 2012
Nastya Zadorozhnaya put all her efforts to perform the parody of Dima Bilan (her debut male role) on the popular Ukrainian TV project “ShowMustGoOn”.

15 Nov 2012
Despite fact that the singer Natasha Koroleva is a Meritorious Artist of Russia, we shouldn’t forget about her Ukrainian roots. Nastya Zadorozhnaya tried to display all the charm of this Ukrainian nymph on “ShowMustGoOn” project.
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