«Vsyo Budet Khorosho» («Everything Will Be All Right»)

Role: Liza
«Vsemirnye Russkie Studii» company
Vano Burduli

Liza (Nastya Zadorozhnaya), a landscape designer, dates Artiom for more than one year. The day of their wedding is already named…but New Year’s eve will affect Liza’s happiness as well as the life of Igor – another main character played by Alexander Ratnikov. An architect, he has a very romantic and straightforward character. Igor hasn’t met the love of his life yet, but is ready to get married to his girlfriend Vera. By the twist of the fate the characters of Zadorozhnaya and Ratnikov will spend the New Year together. Liza suffers from the betrayal of her fiancé and Igor is down in the dumps because of the quarrel with his beloved…
The 4-episode New Year TV-film will be aired at the end of 2013.

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